About Us

Prosperous Riches Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in 1988 , specializing in production of USB 4.0 Cable,Usb3.1 3.2 Type C Cable, Type C USB3.1 Cable Gen1(5Gbps),Usb3.1 Type C Cable Gen2(10Gbps,Usb PD Support,4K UHD),Cat 5e,Cat6,Cat7,Cat8 Flat Cable, Type B Cable, Two-sided Insert (Two-sided Insert),Micro Usb Cable,Type C USB 3.1 F 16P & 24P Smd Connector,OTG Cable,Anti-static Cable, Power Supply (power adapter) & Transformer , Power Code Cable, (Taiwan-made) AC Power Code Cable, Various Types of Waterproof Cables (Water Proof Cable ASS`Y), Various Types of Car Charging Cables, Various Types of Usb, Waterproof Power Cords (Water Proof Cable Ass`y) Power Code cable,Waterproof Sata Cable,Mini Usb Cable, Sim Card holder with switch,All kinds of Cigarette lighter (Cigar head) Cable, Lvds Cable,IR Cable,KVM Cable,CCD Barcode Scanner Cable,Computer Cable,Mesdical dedicated line Cable,High Temperature resistant Sata Cable,Lightweight and Short Mini Sata,Esata Cable,Power Esata Cable,Sata 3.0 Cable, Mini SAS Cable,DVI Cable,Usb 3.0 Cable,Micro Usb 2.0 & 3.0 Version Cable,Pos Cable,Hdmi Cable, AC, DC Cable,GPS Cable, Mesh Usb Cable,Usb Flat Charging Cable,All kinds of LED lighting Mobile phone Charging Cable,Usb Am to Micro F Adapter,Car Connection Cable. Driving Recorder Cable. All kinds of Halogen-free cable Ass`y, Solar cables, and all kinds of Adapter,

Since its inception, our Company has always been adhering to the principle of honest and trustworthy business, and always maintain a rigorous attitude, continuous research and development update technology, so that products towards diversified development. And the business expand to abroad to provide users with the best products and the most affordable prices. Looking forward to the company`s staff, customers and suppliers, to provide an excellent environment, better and faster service。